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Welcome to SHOWBLOOM!    I am Beverly Riedel - owner

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth and no culture comparable to that of the garden."  Thomas Jefferson 

Take a moment and consider the plants and flowers that are in your life; whether you eat them, grow them, sniff them, or feel them, listen to their sounds in a breeze ; they are reminders of the wonder of nature and God. Looking at my hands; they are gardeners hands. My skin tans and toughens each summer. I often go first into my own garden in the fresh of the day to have each little face great me with its color and grace.                          

"The rose laughs at my long-looking, my constantly wondering what a rose means, and who owns the rose, whatever it means."  Rumi

The foundation of any garden is the soil and contimually enriching or amending the soil will produce fantastic results very naturally.

"To get things off to a good start, one qualification for life membership in the gardening fraternity is banishment of the word "dirt." The substance you dig and plant in - the good earth - is called "soil." Dirt is what you wash off your face.  Joan Lee Faust 

Gardening is about remembering what has been done, what needs doing, what things look like, when flowers will bloom. One may forget names or birthdays but a gardener always remembers when to divide the iris or daylillies. 

"Some people call this a cottage garden, but it's just a good messy garden. There's no plan. Its not like painting - I just stick the plants in. I like large quantities of blooms all jumbled together."   Tasha Tudor 

Our garden is our sanctuary when birds and insects and toads find their way to our yards, sometimes not as welcome when they munch on the leaves and flowers . No matter how long you have been gardening, there is always something surprising about seeing a butterfly...frail, unexpected, temporay. A flutterby always seems on its way to somewhere else. Most of the plants we grow are perennial, this does not mean immortal, but that they reappear each year as if by magic.