Our Services


We are a locally owned small business specializing in perennial garden maintenance. We want your garden and property to be the most beautiful and well kept garden in your neighborhood. We take great pride in thoroughness and attention to detail, utilizing sustainable green practices whenever possible. We prefer organic fertilizers and environmentally friendly pest control. Our greatest joy is helping your vision become reality through style, color, architectural features and textures. We love plants!!!


Consulting & Design

Plants and landscapes are always evolving and adapting ; let us review your needs and wishes and  help you acheive the look you desire. We can instruct you on techniques and plans if you like doing it yourself or offer our services for installation and maintenance. 

Perennial and Ground Cover Planting

Long lasting and continual bloom with a variety of textures, structures, and colors ; perennials and ground covers offer everchanging landscape interest.

Vegetable Gardens

Experience the great joy and satisfaction of growing your own food ! Whether its a few herbs in pots or a square foot garden or a rotational plot - we can help.


The Anticipation of spring is when you see the first signs of bulbs. Summer bulbs offer a welcome surpise. Fall bulbs are the last hurrah before winter. We can offer many selections and plant at the proper times. Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, Lillies are the most common, but when you look through the catalogs you will be saying "I want everything !! "  and then to faithfully bury all the wealth in the soil.




Maintenance Services

  • Spring and Fall Cleanup
  • Weeding and Deadheading
  • Fertilization, Mulching
  • Shrub and Rose Pruning
  • Small Tree Pruning and Shaping
  • Annual Planting; Beds, Pots, Planters
  • Edging